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The Bumbles of Honeywood programme was created and written by award winning Enterprise Educator Sue Poole. Having sat on the ministerial task group which advises the Welsh Government Minister on enterprise education across Wales, Sue was aware that schools would be required to embed enterprise and creativity skills within the curriculum from 2018.

Sue is the CEO and Director of the Swansea-based Centre 4 Entrepreneurial Education, a social enterprise that seeks to boost entrepreneurial skills in learners of all ages. She came up with the idea for ‘The Bumbles of Honeywood’ two years ago while out walking her puppy Jack every morning.

She says “The quiet times spent walking the dog gave me the time and space to think about a new programme to engage our very young learners as soon as they enter full time education. I passionately believe it is important to capture the imagination and enthusiasm of our youngsters, and develop that “can-do and will-do” attitude from a very young age. During my research, I learnt a great deal about Bees and how they are very enterprising creatures. Teamwork is vitally important to the success of the hive, and bees have to solve problems, be creative and are very determined little creatures - all key enterprise traits!

As enterprise and creativity skills will be compulsory elements of the new school curriculum in 2018, you can help your child get ahead now, even before the resources are available in the classroom.


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