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Bumbles of Honeywood Launch

We’re excited to say that after a lot of hard work and planning, our launch has come and gone, with The Bumbles of Honeywood now open for business.

The event was a great success, if not a little manic with a whopping 90 Primary School children for Bella Bumble to entertain. The book reading was performed by Welsh radio personality and pantomime dame ‘Kev Johns’, who had everyone in stitches as Grandma Bumble.

Kev read our second book, ‘Bella Bumble’s Waggle Dance’ which details Bella’s adventure when she seeks out fresh water, clear of toxins for the whole Hive. Bella makes up a ‘waggle dance’ to explain to the other bees where the clean water is (did you know that’s how bees communicate?)

We played our ‘Waggle Dance’ song, and taught Bella’s dance to the children, who excitedly performed it on stage for the teachers and guests alongside Bella and Grandma Bumble.

The children also got to take part in our Bumbles activities, such as ‘jigsaw scramble’ and ‘The Bumble Olympics’. These are activities we created to develop that all important enterprising mind set, in line with the recent Primary School curriculum changes under the Donaldson report.

The Olympics saw pupils conduct a relay, with velcro gloves and velcro balls acting as pollen- aiming to deposit them in buckets worth various points faster than rival teams. The activity demonstrated how pollination works, but crucially encouraged enterprise skills such as teamwork, problem solving, and communication.

We would like to thank all of the primary schools, teachers and local councillors who attended and for their support. With your help, we’re able to reach more Primary Schools in Wales and enable them to meet the learning outcomes as set by the Donaldson report.

Grandma Bumble reading the Bumbles of Honeywood primary school enterprise books
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