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The Bumbles of Honeywood Enterprise Skills Programme

We’ve recently taken The Bumbles of Honeywood and Betty Bumble on tour, visiting four Primary Schools around South Wales.

Our 5 week programme includes a reading of the series, a chance to learn our ‘Waggle Dance’ and various enterprising activities, which encourage skills such as creativity, networking, communication, and teamwork.

During book one, we learnt lots of fun facts about our friends the honey bee. We learnt how they communicate messages to one another, and what our family of bees, The Bumbles, got up to at the town meeting.

We discussed what special talents each creature at the town meeting had, before applying it to ourselves. The students identified, wrote down, and illustrated what was unique about them in preparation for a recreation of the town meeting. We then practiced how to make a good first impression, shaking hands, holding eye contact, and sharing things about ourselves with other people – the students enjoyed this so much, they insisted on taking their business mixer name badges home with them.

This was however, overshadowed by an appearance from Betty Bumble herself. Hysteria broke out on the school yard as Betty made her entrance, and everybody was very excited to get up and dance with Betty who performed and taught The Waggle Dance before saying her goodbyes.

We started the session by asking the students to rate their confidence before starting our skills programme, and can’t wait to share the results with you at the end of our 5 weeks. Keep posted for upcoming events near you 🐝

Enterprise Skills Programme
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