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Challenging Primary School Children to Create Innovative New Products

We taught the Marketplace Challenge in eleven primary schools around Swansea to encourage them to think like an entrepreneur, a life skill we think children should start developing as soon as they start school. We tasked the children with creating products linked to the subject they were studying in school to sell to the public in their local market.

Creative and professional products on sale in Swansea Market

Over 330 primary school pupils from across Swansea set up stalls in Swansea Market to sell their handmade products to the public. This was the culmination of weeks of hard work for pupils and teachers and we were amazed by their creative and professional products! The products on sale included food made only using ingredients available during WW2, cakes inspired by Oystermouth Primary’s theme “A journey around the world” and Welsh themed bath products.

Teaching children the life skills they for a successful future

The project showed children that they can work together with their school friends to have fun while making money; this is a great way to encourage children who struggle with ambition or low self-esteem. The children’s problem solving skills got a work out while brainstormed products they could make which were inspired by their school topic.

Final round: “Dragon’s Den” style pitching

The schools went head to head in the final competition and awards ceremony where the pupils pitched their products “Dragon’s Den” style to our judges, which included staff from the Welsh Government. The pupils explained their marketing strategies, their inspiration and got to practice their maths skills while calculating their finances and profit margins.

primary school children starting a business enterprise skills
One of the Marketplace Challenge final winners: best customer service

“What a brilliant future we can look forward to in Swansea if this is an example of the talent within our schools.” Anne  Swift, Welsh Government Enterprise Manager for Wales, who judges the competition said: “It was so tough judging this very exciting competition, all the children had come up with some innovative ideas and we are thrilled to have been asked to support this programme.”

Want to run the Marketplace Challenge at your school? Contact us at info@bumblesofhoneywood.co.uk!


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The Bumbles Of Honeywood Audio Book Series

It might be the Easter holidays, but we’ve never been busier at Honeywood Head Office.

We’ve launched our book series ‘The Bumbles of Honeywood’,  ready for when school starts back up with a shiny new website and YouTube Channel.

The audio books have been read by the talented Kev Johns, who you may recognise as ‘The Wave’ radio personality, and well loved Welsh pantomime dame (He also played the part of Grandma Bumble at our launch).

So, we’ve been very busy behind the scenes- recording and filming at Swansea University School of Management’s new studios to get everything ready in time! The audiobooks will soon be available on our YouTube channel, which can be accessed privately with the purchase of the series.

The enterprising book series will be available in both Welsh and English, in book and audio format. So, as a school you simply purchase the series and skills programme, press play, and have Grandma Bumble introduce the books on screen (Or, just let him read the whole thing if you’re having a busy day and looking for an easy to plan, fuss free enterprise activity).

Enterprise skills have been named as one of the crucial six areas of learning under the Donaldson report. We’ve written previously about just what enterprise skills are, and we’ve been working closely with schools in South Wales to pilot The Bumbles series and skills programme, to help them get Donaldson ready.

If this sounds like something your school needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch on the contact form.


Grandma Bumble, The Bumbles of Honeywood








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The Bumbles of Honeywood Enterprise Skills Programme

We’ve recently taken The Bumbles of Honeywood and Betty Bumble on tour, visiting four Primary Schools around South Wales.

Our 5 week programme includes a reading of the series, a chance to learn our ‘Waggle Dance’ and various enterprising activities, which encourage skills such as creativity, networking, communication, and teamwork.

During book one, we learnt lots of fun facts about our friends the honey bee. We learnt how they communicate messages to one another, and what our family of bees, The Bumbles, got up to at the town meeting.

We discussed what special talents each creature at the town meeting had, before applying it to ourselves. The students identified, wrote down, and illustrated what was unique about them in preparation for a recreation of the town meeting. We then practiced how to make a good first impression, shaking hands, holding eye contact, and sharing things about ourselves with other people – the students enjoyed this so much, they insisted on taking their business mixer name badges home with them.

This was however, overshadowed by an appearance from Betty Bumble herself. Hysteria broke out on the school yard as Betty made her entrance, and everybody was very excited to get up and dance with Betty who performed and taught The Waggle Dance before saying her goodbyes.

We started the session by asking the students to rate their confidence before starting our skills programme, and can’t wait to share the results with you at the end of our 5 weeks. Keep posted for upcoming events near you 🐝

Enterprise Skills Programme
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Bumbles of Honeywood Launch

We’re excited to say that after a lot of hard work and planning, our launch has come and gone, with The Bumbles of Honeywood now open for business.

The event was a great success, if not a little manic with a whopping 90 Primary School children for Bella Bumble to entertain. The book reading was performed by Welsh radio personality and pantomime dame ‘Kev Johns’, who had everyone in stitches as Grandma Bumble.

Kev read our second book, ‘Bella Bumble’s Waggle Dance’ which details Bella’s adventure when she seeks out fresh water, clear of toxins for the whole Hive. Bella makes up a ‘waggle dance’ to explain to the other bees where the clean water is (did you know that’s how bees communicate?)

We played our ‘Waggle Dance’ song, and taught Bella’s dance to the children, who excitedly performed it on stage for the teachers and guests alongside Bella and Grandma Bumble.

The children also got to take part in our Bumbles activities, such as ‘jigsaw scramble’ and ‘The Bumble Olympics’. These are activities we created to develop that all important enterprising mind set, in line with the recent Primary School curriculum changes under the Donaldson report.

The Olympics saw pupils conduct a relay, with velcro gloves and velcro balls acting as pollen- aiming to deposit them in buckets worth various points faster than rival teams. The activity demonstrated how pollination works, but crucially encouraged enterprise skills such as teamwork, problem solving, and communication.

We would like to thank all of the primary schools, teachers and local councillors who attended and for their support. With your help, we’re able to reach more Primary Schools in Wales and enable them to meet the learning outcomes as set by the Donaldson report.

Grandma Bumble reading the Bumbles of Honeywood primary school enterprise books
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