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Challenging Primary School Children to Create Innovative New Products

3rd April 2018

We taught the Marketplace Challenge in eleven primary schools around Swansea to encourage them to think like an entrepreneur, a life skill we think children should start developing as soon as they start school. We tasked the children with creating

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The Bumbles Of Honeywood Audio Book Series

29th March 2018

It might be the Easter holidays, but we’ve never been busier at Honeywood Head Office. We’ve launched our book series ‘The Bumbles of Honeywood’,  ready for when school starts back up with a shiny new website and YouTube Channel. The

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The Bumbles of Honeywood Enterprise Skills Programme

We’ve recently taken The Bumbles of Honeywood and Betty Bumble on tour, visiting four Primary Schools around South Wales. Our 5 week programme includes a reading of the series, a chance to learn our ‘Waggle Dance’ and various enterprising activities,

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Bumbles of Honeywood Launch

We’re excited to say that after a lot of hard work and planning, our launch has come and gone, with The Bumbles of Honeywood now open for business. The event was a great success, if not a little manic with

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