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The Bumble family live with lots of other bees in a hive under a large apple tree in a beautiful meadow surrounded by bright, colourful flowers. The six story books introduce little ones to the Bumble family, the problems and challenges they have to overcome and how they use their enterprise skills to overcome these problems.

These books are priced at £5.99 each or you can buy the set of 6 for £32

The bumbles of Honeywood

The Bumble family of Honeywood live in a hive under an apple tree. They are part of a community of creatures in the area. Today they visit a town network meeting where they meet new friends.

They learn new skills to help them make new friends and they practice them at the event. Betty and Barry make some new introductions that are good for business.adventure has been very inspiring for him too.

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Bella Bumble’s Waggle Dance

Bella wakes up to find that her friends, the bees at Honeywood bee hive, have been taken ill after drinking dirty water. Bella Bumble is full of energy to find a fresh supply of good clean water for the hive. She flies off on her adventure and meets new friends along the way.

Bella learns that partnerships and friendships are important and that by working together you can achieve a lot more than working alone.

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Honeywood High

Bobby and his mum Betty find their school has been damaged by machinery cutting back the hedgerow. Betty teaches at the school and she asks Bobby to help with a very important job; finding a place for the new bee school.

Bobby’s adventure takes him away from the hive out into the countryside. When he returns he tells the story of his adventures to the whole hive that have come to listen to him. Bobby inspires the other bees and finds the whole adventure has been very inspiring for him too.


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Bumble Buzz

This is the story of how twin bees, Betsy and Blue, work together to make living a healthy lifestyle fun. The twins start a brand new fitness activity and discover an innovative way to make money, which makes them feel very enterprising indeed.

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Hornet Scramble

A nest of noisy neighbours moves in and disrupts the peace of Honeywood bee hive. The bees are tested as they work together to find a solution to the problem as it becomes bigger and noisier!

The bee’s creativity helps them look after an injured bee and they bring innovative home produce to help him feel better and fix the broken wing. The bees manage several difficult situations and eventually bring the community of bees safely home together.

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Bertie’s Big Adventure

Bertie Bumble makes special friends with Queen Beeatrice at Honeywood as his wing mends. Queen Beeatrice trusts Bertie and she shares her stories with him. Queen Beeatrice asks for Bertie’s help to lead her swarm to a new home.

Bertie isn’t sure his wing is strong enough for such a special job and he worries how his life will change. Bertie’s family and friends remind Bertie what a special bee he really is and why he was chosen for this important job.

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Bertie Bumbles search for Magic Medicine

Bertie Bumble was already incredibly busy leading the swarm, but when Queen Beeatrice asks him to become a Professor of Science at Honeywood University he can’t quite believe it.

All the bees in Honeywood loved hearing about how the legend and explorer Professor Baille turns plants into medicines.

With Betty Bumble’s help Bertie realises he could use his curiosity and creativity to make magic medicines with Professor Baille to protect all the bees in the community against germs and superbugs!

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